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Verveine d’Eté is an Eau de Parfum with a delicate and fresh scent. It will be an ideal partner on hot summer days but also in the heart of winter to bring you joy and comfort. A mixed scent, sparkling and energizing that brings back memories of the freshness of a bed of aromatic plants in the early morning. Let yourself be transported by its green notes in the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg.

50ml screen-printed refillable glass bottle of Verveine d'Été Eau de Parfum.

All our 50ml bottles are also available without their box - they are shipped in one of our textile pouches - with a 15% discount on our standard boxed offer!

Verveine d'Eté, created by Yuri Gutsatz in 1978, was then named Verveine Céleste.

Made in France 

From the manufacture of our concentrates in our Parisian laboratory to the packaging of our perfumes, including our pouches and candles, we have chosen French quality! 

Refillable bottles

Our 15 ml and 50 ml bottles are all designed so that you can refill them over and over again. The porcelain that contains our candles is infinitely reusable. A nice gesture for everyone!


Our perfumes have never been reformulated in order to follow the trends, they were created by Yuri Gutsatz as timeless perfumes away from marketing diktats.


Our fragrances are designed to minimise the risk of allergies and comply with IFRA standards. Scent yourself in complete peace of mind!


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Classical Travel

You walk in the Summer Garden in the heart of Saint Petersburg. There was a refreshing rainstorm this morning, and you sit on a bench in the French garden designed by Peter the Great. You bend down to pick up a ball dropped by some children.  All at once, a perfumed wave of freshness hits you: basil, lemon, bergamot, verbena, and a touch of oak moss. You would so like to take this perfume along with you into the warmer hours of the day ...

Inspiration: Summer Garden, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Verified buyer Verveine d'Été 50ml
20 March 2020

Something addicting

I am usually not a fan of eucalyptus note, but it works really well with other accords in this fragrance. Overall feeling I get is a somewhat vegetal/herbal garden plants and to me it's quite relaxing to wear. Also need to mention top notch CS from the folks at Le jardin Retrouve!

Verified buyer Verveine d'Été 50ml
12 March 2019

Very clean and invigorating!

I venture out into a summer garden to enjoy Verveine d'Été. Here verbena is presented to us with a very green assemblage of herbs that evokes the smell of bunches of freshly cut plants still wet with morning dew. The mix here reminds me of a wonderful verbena soap coupled with classic Eau de Cologne all in one.It embodies qualities that anyone could wear anywhere at any time.