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Our Values

Our values stem from the original vision of Yuri Gutsatz, one of France’s most respected 20th century perfumers; the founding father of niche perfumery, whose family and professional background infused his craft with a cutting-edge vision.

In 1975, after nearly a lifetime spent respecting the time-honored practices of his trade, Yuri made the bold decision to free himself from the marketing-led constraints of traditional perfumery in order to create the perfume world’s first ever niche Maison de parfum, Le Jardin Retrouvé.

41 years on, his son Michel and Michel’s wife Clara, decided that the time was right to revive Yuri’s vision and values, bringing again beauty and comfort to a turbulent world.


Outstanding Quality

Yuri’s unyielding search for the finest ingredients required in his meticulous formulas led him to the far reaches of the world.

Michel & Clara have followed the same roadmap to source the same excellent raw materials from many of the same producers that served Yuri a generation ago.

Between the ingredients and the inimitable expertise behind Yuri’s prized recipes, nothing but the best goes into Le Jardin Retrouvé.


Fair Pricing

A stickler for quality, Yuri also believed in fairness and disagreed strongly with the over-inflated prices that were (and are) the industry norm.  

He resented the inflationary effect of expensive packaging and marketing, preferring instead to sell the value and craftsmanship behind the fragrances themselves.

This revolutionary way of thinking was the original impetus behind Le Jardin Retrouvé and is continued today by Michel & Clara, through simplified packaging, online-only sales and word-of-mouth marketing.

This is why they’d rather give away three free samples than advertise through traditional media.


Ecologically Sound

As a long-standing humanist and poet, Yuri’s respect for Mother Earth and simplicity was widely known, even before “green” became a popular notion.

Michel & Clara have chosen to revive Le Jardin Retrouvé in an ecologically sound, 21st Century way, championing the LA RE:SOURCE refill concept and using recycled & recyclable materials wherever possible while keeping waste to a minimum.

They have partnered with Planète Urgence to plant a tree with every LE NÉCESSAIRE or LA RE:SOURCE purchased.



Celebrating the Perfumer’s Art

Among Yuri’s frustrations with the traditional perfume industry was the cold anonymity enforced on the “artists” themselves: Unlike the painter who signs a canvas or the composer who signs a songsheet, the actual perfumer’s name never appeared on the scent that they lovingly and skillfully created.

This disregard for the artist used to be so ingrained that even Yuri himself didn’t sign the first incarnation of Le Jardin Retrouvé.

Today, Michel & Clara have decided to right this wrong and celebrate the perfumer’s art by giving Yuri’s name its rightful place on the bottle.


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