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Our Clients say

I just received my perfume samples, and love each of scents. They have created a wonderful line of perfume.


It is so good to see this company get a mention, they really do produce some outstanding fragrances. I hope many more people discover this excellent fragrance house.

Le Jardin Retrouve is one of the endearing little perfume houses you discover when exploring Paris on holiday and a bottle of fragrance is a fine souvenir to take home. There is nothing commercial with the production that plagues so many other houses today. This is the way real French perfume should be, made with loving care and pride.

You have made me fall in love with these romantic perfumes before I even sniffed them ! I think it would be an honor to wear something that was so cherished and developped by someone who put his whole soul in the process.


I know your amazing perfume because I used to live next to the old Barney’s Department Store on 16th Street in New York City. One day I was feeling sort of sad and I drifted into the fragrance area and found your Sandalwood. It became my signature scent for the 80s and 90s ( … )

I like every fragrance by this house. They all have some indescribable warmness of the past.

Many years ago I purchased a most wonderful Eau de Cologne at the Henri Bendel's store in New York. I have not been able to find it since then. (…) I would like very much to purchase it directly from you ! Thank you.


I recently sampled their Verveine d’Été and Citron Boboli and was impressed by the quality and complexity of the fragrances.


The most unusual Cuir de Russie! Very original, floral and soft… I can’t find leather in it, but I have the impression of touching very thin and refined leather, or sitting in old library with leather furniture… Something in the air, but not evident. Very unusual for love at the first sniff, but I must admit I like it more and more sniffing it from my sleeve, by the way it's very long lasting, but in some unusual subtle way.

Cuir de Russie is a great scent!! Very well done. A gentle leather, with elegant smell, prolonged and excellent silage.

Finding a scent that is both fresh and spicy, suitable for both winter and summer and for both sexes isn’t that easy. But Le Jardin Retrouvé’s Citron Boboli manages to combine all of that in one perfume. The citrus notes in the top are both fresh and sunny, not so harsh. After a while the spices and geranium joins in and all together makes this a nice, wearable and quite unique fragrance. Never heavy or too much, light but still quite longlasting.


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