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November 2016 / Fragrantica : Le Jardin Retrouvé, The New Beginning (Part 2)

By Clara Feder 1 years ago No comments
Interview with Michel Gutsatz for Fragrantica, Part 2 : Le Jardin Retrouvé, the New Beginning. We continue the interview with Michel Gutsatz upon the relaunch of what many consider to be the very first niche perfume brand, Le Jardin Retrouvé, founded by his father, Yuri Gutsatz. "We also have the Le Jardin Retrouvé lab/showroom in Paris where we will welcome PR events and our friends the perfume bloggers when they are in Paris. It is a modern reconstruction of my parents’ apartment with memorabilia from their life – with my father’s lab reconstructed. This is where Maxence works. You are welcome to come visit us there! Customers and Fragrantica readers will be welcome there too, by appointment."

October 2016 / Fragrantica : the story of Le Jardin Retrouvé (Part 1)

By Clara Feder 1 years ago No comments

Fragrantica tells us about Le Jardin Retrouvé, from the first step until this day.

"Le Jardin Retrouvé was the very first niche independent perfume House... His vision was quite simple but revolutionary at the time.He wanted perfumery creation to take center stage again - using the very best ingredients in the very finest tradition of French fine Perfumery." Michel Gutsatz

October 2016 / The Scent Gent : "Michel Gutsatz, a man on a mission"

By Clara Feder 1 years ago No comments

"The roots of Le Jardin Retrouvé niche perfumery / Le Jardin Retrouvé"

The Past and the Present day through the Australian Blogger, Rob D. Blandford

" Michel Gutsatz is a man on a mission. He is re-launching his father's perfume brand, Le Jardin Retrouve, and it's not just any brand. It happens to be the world's first ever niche fragrance brand and is therefore pretty significant to anyone who is interested in the world of niche perfume and french perfume history. " Rob D. Blandford

June 2016 / Faire le Tour du Monde en Parfums tells the story of l'Osmothèque

By Clara Feder 1 years ago No comments

When Yuri first tought about creating a Perfume House. Later it became l'Osmothèque.

" This idea wasn't born easily, already in 1977, Yuri Gutsatz was sharing the idea of a Perfumery House. But it's only the April 26th 1990 that l'Osmothèque hatched and was presented to the SFP perfumers, manage in this time by the perfumer Maurice Maurin. [...] According to Jean Kerléo, l'Osmothèque mission is to ensure and save all perfumes like a real living memory, available to the public. Its represent a real vintage perfumes heritage, for those disappeared today and for the threatened existing ones."

June 2012 / Le Monde : Yuri Gutsatz the Visionary

By Clara Feder 1 years ago No comments

The Yuri Gutsatz' vision in Le Monde

For Patrick Saint-Yves, President of the French Perfumers Society (SFP), "this is like deny the creative act, like ignore an intellectual creation process, which may last from several months to a number of years. In France, regret the user, professional noses haven't an official status. This is the wireless security part of our heritage." 'Perfumer, your name is no one' like Yuri Gutsatz wrote 20 years ago.

September 2009 / Fragrance : the History of Yuri Gutsatz

By Clara Feder 1 years ago No comments

Article in Frangrance about the history of Le Jardin Retrouvé : "Fragrance Bouquet presents Le Jardin Retrouvé (part1)".

" In 1975, disillusioned with the state of perfumery, Gutstatz founded his own company, Le Jardin Retrouve. Essentially, Gutsatz built a small perfume brand based on ideals, love and dedication to perfumery and in interest of following his own instinct instead of briefs motivated by money, at a time when the public had yet no notion of "niche" [...] Justifiably, his son David Gutsatz considers his father as the 'founder' of what we now perceive as niche perfumery."

May 2003 / Body : Le Jardin Retrouvé in Tokyo

By Clara Feder 1 years ago No comments

Le Jardin Retrouvé in the Body Japan Magazine

Our Maison de Parfum lets talk about her ! For all perfume lovers, for all perfume passioned, there is an article made from Tokyo, the Body Magazine.

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