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November 2016 / Fragrantica : Le Jardin Retrouvé, The New Beginning (Part 2)

By Clara Feder 5 months ago No comments
Interview with Michel Gutsatz for Fragrantica, Part 2 : Le Jardin Retrouvé, the New Beginning. We continue the interview with Michel Gutsatz upon the relaunch of what many consider to be the very first niche perfume brand, Le Jardin Retrouvé, founded by his father, Yuri Gutsatz. "We also have the Le Jardin Retrouvé lab/showroom in Paris where we will welcome PR events and our friends the perfume bloggers when they are in Paris. It is a modern reconstruction of my parents’ apartment with memorabilia from their life – with my father’s lab reconstructed. This is where Maxence works. You are welcome to come visit us there! Customers and Fragrantica readers will be welcome there too, by appointment."

October 2016 / Fragrantica : the story of Le Jardin Retrouvé (Part 1)

By Clara Feder 6 months ago No comments

Fragrantica tells us about Le Jardin Retrouvé, from the first step until this day.

"Le Jardin Retrouvé was the very first niche independent perfume House... His vision was quite simple but revolutionary at the time.He wanted perfumery creation to take center stage again - using the very best ingredients in the very finest tradition of French fine Perfumery." Michel Gutsatz