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Rose Trocadéro Eau de Parfum Le Nécessaire



1935. The sun is shining on the Trocadéro Garden - it is a blessing in Paris, even at the end of May. Behind you, the Eiffel Tower, before you, the Trocadéro Palace, looking so modern. Suddenly, a woman approaches. She is carrying a huge bouquet of roses and heads towards the Seine with firm strides. When she brushes against you, you shiver with pleasure under the waves of rose so absolute that you but barely notice the trail of blackcurrant bud, lavender and musk.

Floral: Absolute Bulgarian Rose, French Blackcurrant, Clove, Musk

Le Nécessaire includes an empty 50ml screen-printed glass bottle, an empty 15ml screen-printed glass bottle, a glass funnel and a 125ml aluminum flask of Rose Trocadero Eau de Parfum.

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Perfume lovers write...

  • Adelina
    A romantic rose 12 December 2016

    To me, roses symbolize childhood. Of course, roses also stand for love, passion and seduction, but in my memories, roses kind of play a different role. Maybe it is because I had grown up used to see their petals smiling in the sun, next to the window of my room, or maybe it is the image of my grandmother plucking the most beautiful ones for me to put them in my room... I do not know for sure, but I can certainly tell that the smell of roses makes me feel carefree.

    In Rose Trocadero I have found the conforting smell of my happy memories. The roses from this perfume are bright pink, with dewy petals and bees flying around them. This perfume is in no way mischievous, as some rose centered perfume may be, but it is pure and joyful, like the smile of a child. I can sense just a hint of a fruity accord, but the perfume does not become childish at all. In my opinion, it suits a woman who does not forget to smile, even in the saddest days, because she knows that the people arround her need a smile in their life, even more than she does. I love how natural Rose Trocadero smells. It is one of my favourites from the line.

  • Cassiano
    Floral and vibrant like a bouquet of roses under the Sun! 6 December 2016

    It's one of those cases where the result goes together with the concept, admirably, leading you to imagine the scene of a woman walking under the sun towards the river Seine.

  • Mary
    Roses after the rain! 16 November 2016

    I just tried the Rose Trocadéro and the first sniff is like putting your nose into roses after the rain!!!! Gorgeous...

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