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For the Planet


Our Pledge to Planète Urgence

Planète Urgence is a charitabe organisation that supports rural communities for the protection and sustainable use of their environment, providing technical and financial assistance for local project organizers in countries that are particularly vulnerable to climatic disturbances.

Working in partnership with local organizations in locations such as Indonesia, Haiti, Madagascar and Mali, Planète Urgence develops economically viable activities to ensure sustainable incomes for the local populations and increased protection for the environment. Between 2006 and 2016, Planète Urgence has worked with 641 partners, planted 5,800,000 trees and benefited 15,000 families.

Le Jardin Retrouvé is deeply engaged in sustainability and reforestation. We have therefore pledged to give Planète Urgence 1 euro each time you purchase a LE NÉCESSAIRE or LA RE:SOURCE.

We hope that you share our pride in participating with this important cause. If you would like to help even more, please click here.



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