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Le Jardin Retrouvé was the first ever niche Maison de Parfum, founded in 1975 by the renowned perfumer, Yuri Gutsatz.

In each of our exquisite fragrances, his skill and passion live on.

Our Clients Say
Maybe it suffices to say that the new 2016 version is an important landmark in the world of leather scents. I'd say it's a work of art you can actually wear.
Jale Zadeh
This fragrance is a haunting and truly sacred sandalwood, punctuated with green notes of muguet and delicate flashes of heliotrope and of course the sweet and spicy depth of genuine Mysore sandalwood. A fragrance that evokes absolute calm and repose.
Rob D.B
My favourite scent was Citron Boboli, the best lemon perfume that I have ever experienced. I've been enjoying the scent of Citron Boboli all day long, it's such a joyful fragrance and a long lasting one as well which is a real surprise for a citrus perfume.
Mark Anthony P

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