Bois Tabac Virginia 3ml

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Bois Tabac Virginia 3ml
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Bois Tabac Virginia is a woody Eau de Parfum, built around notes of smoked vetiver and a background of delicate and round tobacco. This fragrance renews the genus of the fern by proposing a mixed and fresh scent. This perfume is an ode to the perfumes of the 1920s, it is reminiscent of ancient fragrances now disappeared and remains refreshingly modern.

3ml spray of Bois Tabac Virginia Eau de Parfum.

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Bois Tabac Virginia was created by Yuri Gutsatz in 1967.


Dans ce jardin du Nouveau Monde, vous flânez le long du chemin tracé pour vous par d’habiles herboristes. Il est tard. Au sortir d’un bosquet d’arbres, vous aimeriez atteindre ce banc de bois gris devant vous, mais un mouvement, sur votre droite, vous subjugue. C’est une silhouette élégante, joyeuse, qui danse dans la brise du soir, et souffle vers vous des senteurs de vétiver, de lavande, de petit grain, de cèdre et de patchouli. Comme vous aimeriez valser avec elle…

Inspiration : Arboretum de Virginia, État de Virginia, USA

In this garden of the New World, you stroll along the path drawn for you by skilled herbalists. It is late. Beyond a grove of trees, you would like to reach this gray wood bench in front of you, but a movement, on your right, puzzles you. It is an elegant, joyful silhouette, dancing in the evening breeze, blowing towards you scents of vetiver, lavender, petit grain, cedar and patchouli. How much you would love to waltz with her...

Inspiration : Virginia Arboretum, Virginia, USA

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Verified buyer Bois Tabac Virginia 3ml
14 March 2019

Not just a perfume !

Because it is so French, because it is unisex and because it is traditional. You can pair it with a T-shirt or black tie, an evening dress or flip-flops: it is not just a perfume. It is a mood, a feeling and a sense of silence. Classy yet comfortable. Like a warm hug. It makes me feel relaxed, self aware, confident and beloved. If vote I must...