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Le Jardin Retrouvé is a timeless, independent, artisanal, family-owned House of Fine Fragrance that has inherited the avant-garde.

In 1975, Yuri Gutsatz, a renowned master perfumer, rejected the constraints of traditional perfumery dominated by marketing and became the first perfumer to found his own House. 

In 2016, Clara and Michel Gutsatz boldly reinvented Le Jardin Retrouvé, with a decidedly eco-responsible and digital approach, while retaining Yuri's delicate formulas and historical suppliers.

A troubling family coincidence

Yuri's father, David Gutsatz, was a chemical engineer in Saint Petersburg and, far from his son in France, worked on many of the synthetic ingredients essential to modern perfumery. Much later, Yuri learned that father and son - each without knowing what the other was doing - were at the same time contributing to the perfumery they loved so much, one in synthetic ingredients, the other in the construction of a new vision of the art of perfume !

A precious legacy...

Yuri left us his thousands of laboratory tests, his formulas since 1935, his involvement in the French Perfumers' Society, of which he was vice-president, and his participation in the creation of the Osmothèque (Conservatory of the perfumes of the past).

... and poetry

We also owe him an extraordinary volume of notes, as well as hundreds of poems about Russia and perfume, all preserved by his wife Arlette. It is thanks to her that we have inherited them and that we can share this treasure with you today.

An exceptional meeting

In 2016, perfumer Maxence Moutte joined the team to recreate the Yuri formulas, staying as close as possible to their composition. He met Clara and Michel at a wedding, where he expressed his admiration for Yuri's work. Thanks to this meeting, the perfumes were revived and a friendship was born. Maxence made his first creation for Le Jardin Retrouvé in 2018: the fragrance for the House of Mousse Arashiyama, followed by his skin scent in 2021, and another fragrance for the house, Osmanthe Liu Yuan.

Committed expertise since 1975

The raw materials we use are of high quality, we choose each ingredient ourselves without any price constraints. Whenever possible, we try to work directly with the producers. This is the case for tuberose, sandalwood and jasmine, for example, which come to us from India thanks to the family of a producer who worked with Yuri even before the creation of Le Jardin Retrouvé.


We have followed Yuri's precepts concerning quality and care in the elaboration of our perfumes to the letter. Thus, all our perfumes are subjected to 3 weeks of maturation (resting time of the concentrated ingredients), followed by 3 weeks of maceration (resting time of the perfume after dilution of the concentrate in alcohol). These stages are essential for the raw materials to fully and harmoniously express themselves.


Ingredients such as Bulgarian Rose or Haitian Vetiver are weighed according to the Perfumer's formula and mixed in an aluminium pot, in which they mature for some time. This maturation determines the degree of subtlety and harmonious balance of a perfume. The standard perfume industry usually allows around one week for maturation. Following Yuri's protocol, our maturation time is three weeks to ensure greater finesse.


Maceration takes place when the concentrate obtained from the maturation process is mixed with (organic) alcohol to create the perfume as it will be sold later. Perfume industry standards are usually around a few days for maceration, but Yuri was convinced that the optimal time was three weeks, so that's the time we chose for the maceration of our perfumes.

Road to the Clean

At the beginning of 2021, we decided to go one step further than eco-responsibility. We focused on our fragrances themselves and went as far as the Clean Beauty standards (CREDO Dirty List), well beyond what was recommended by the regulatory authorities of the profession. Our challenge was to maintain the same olfactory beauty that has made Le Jardin Retrouvé's reputation, while remaining true to our founder's legacy.

First we replaced the traditional alcohol with organic alcohol, then we changed the three ingredients we were using that were either bad for the planet - one of them was not biodegradable - or bad for health - one of them was a potential endocrine disruptor and another, allergenic. Maxence Moutte, worked hard to improve all the formulas involved while preserving the olfactory integrity of each fragrance.

After many tests - 17 were needed for Sandalwood Sacré over many months - and with the welcome help of the Givaudan Composition House, Maxence Moutte met the challenge: the fragrances now shine as they did in the past, and the levels of natural ingredients are now between 93 and 97% for each fragrance.

Victoires de la Beauté Clean 2022 : our Fragrances are winners!

We are very proud to be a winner of les Victoires de la Beauté 2021/2022 in the Clean category, for our whole fragrance range!​​​​​​​​ 

The one and only award testing the products blindly between 2 to 16 weeks.

A French reward for international competitors!

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Art at the heart of our identity

Art is at the heart of the Jardin Retrouvé family identity. Beyond our founder, Yuri Gutsatz, a poet as well as a perfumer, there was his wife Arlette, a tireless designer of fabric patterns and creator of the brand's very first logo.

Clara, Arlette and Yuri's daughter-in-law, is also an international artist and a well-known author (under the name Virginie Michelet). It is thanks to her that each perfume is embodied by a garden, with its own visual, its video, its invented story. She has also designed an installation, a real multimedia olfactory journey, making the purchase of a perfume an artistic and multi-sensory moment.

Finally, as Creative Director, Clara has been infusing the brand with her ideas around enchantment and gardens since 2016, and leads collaborations with artists.


2021: a new identity

Since 2021, the centdegrés design and brand identity agency has been able to draw on the roots of our House to bring about our new identity, starting with our logo and symbol, which are models of their kind, evoking our name, the Enchanted Garden, its gateway and the water that springs forth to give life.

As for our crafted glass bottles - both the 50ml and its little brother the 15ml - they represent the gates of the Garden, with the added bonus of the symbol on the bakelite cap, a sign of durability. Needless to say, our bottles are more refillable than ever.

The illustrations on the secondary packs and on one side of the bottles were created by the centdegrés team for three of them and by the Jardin Retrouvé team (Clara Feder and Kaya Bagamaz, with the help of Fabien Adèle) for the other nine.

At the same time, the multi-sensory and multimedia experience imagined by Clara Feder was taken up and modernised by centdegrés chine, which built a similar new experience around perfume on a 9m2 surface for pop-up stores and exhibitions in China.

If you want to follow Clara on Instagram, it's here: @clarafeder to follow the young Belarusian artist Kaya Bagamaz, it's here: @kaya_bgmz

To see what centdegrés is doing, it's here: @centdegres and @centdegreschina Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Your digital authentification : a guarantee of ownership and authenticity on the blockchain

Each of our products has its own unique number, which guarantees its authenticity (no fraud possible!) and ownership (transferable for gift giving).
You will also see, in full transparency, the information on your perfumed product (origin of ingredients, perfume certificates, production, company etc.).

To access your certificate, scan the QR code of your purchased product. If you want to see what it looks like, check out for the 50ml our example on the right.

What is the blockchain?

All the information in this certificate is in the blockchain, a tamper-proof system.
We have chosen a public blockchain (accessible to all), which is low-powered (it only consumes green energy).
It is based on the technology of the French start-up SORGA, and we are proud to be the first perfumery house to have it.


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