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Our commitments to quality and environment

  • Our commitments to quality and environment

    Our perfumes are composed of ingredients carefully selected by us for their quality by our perfumer. We are also lucky enough to be the manufacturers of our concentrates, which are produced in our laboratory in Paris. They are then put on alcohol at our conditioner in Chartres, in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards.

  • How are the candles composed and manufactured?

    Our candles are made of a mixture of mineral and vegetable waxes, which ensure a perfect diffusion of the perfume. They contain synthetic and natural raw materials and comply with European safety standards on Volatile Organic Compounds. 

    The porcelain bowl is reusable, compatible with food, and can be put in the dishwasher and in the microwave.

  • How are the care products composed and manufactured?

    Our creams and scrubs are composed of 99% of natural ingredients, the perfume is compliant with IFRA standards. Our care products can be used without risk by pregnant women and children over 3 years old. 

    We still recommend making a test on your arm by applying a small quantity of the product (the size of a one euro coin). If you do not see any reaction after 24 hours, you can start using your product according to the recommendations on the tube.

  • What are the concrete commitments of your House?

    All our products (except mini-spray) are refillable, so you can keep your beautiful bottle for years and buy only la Re:source. 

    All our bottles can be ordered without packs, so we limit waste. 

    Our creams and scrubs have no secondary packaging (no box). 

    Our shipping boxes are reduced in size to limit the carbon footprint associated with delivery. We do not use any plastic in the preparation of our packages. Everything is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. 

    Our pouches are made of archival fabrics and manufactured in France in an Establishment for Service and Help through Work, which aims to integrate people with disabilities into society.