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Oracle du Jardin

"Inspired by the power of our Le Jardin Retrouvé perfume ingredients and after years of perfecting my craft, I conceived this oracle to help you channel your best energy for the day. Enjoy!"

Clara Feder

Creative Director

Le Jardin Retrouvé

Discover the 24 cards


About the “Oracle du Jardin” cards


These “energy cards” are a link between benevolent forces and our everyday reality. These energies will help you, regardless of your beliefs, to make the best of your day. They can be enhanced by our home fragrances to help you feel more peaceful and in tune with yourself.



Morning Ritual

After shuffling, place the card deck within easy reach.

Sit or lay still for a moment, close your eyes and pay attention to your breath coming in and out. Feel its restorative, healing power. Then, open your eyes and draw a card. Look at it carefully and absorb its meaning. What can you achieve today with this energy? How can it help you? How can it help others around you?

Put the card somewhere you feel comfortable with, perhaps where you can easily see it.



Night rituals

1-Closing the Day

Sit or lay still for a moment, close your eyes and pay attention to your breath coming in and out. Feel its restorative, healing power. Take a moment to reflect on your day, starting from the morning. Let the good moments come to you. How are they related to the energy card you picked in the morning? If challenging moments come to mind, how can the energy card help you? Take time to answer these questions. Writing them down can be a good way to close the day.


2-Preparing for the night

Place your day card in its deck and shuffle.

Draw a card and place it on your night table or near your pillow. Let it bring you peace during your sleep or enhance your dreams. Bonne nuit!



Use the energy card to help you recharge. Place the card near you while you meditate and let it do its job. It will inspire you and help you stay focused.



You can ask the cards anything, simply by picking one randomly. The answer you will get is yours to interpret, either as a metaphor, or as a very real and down to earth answer. Believe in spontaneity, and believe in yourself!


Lighting your favorite Le Jardin Retrouvé scented candle will make your rituals more complete and satisfactory. For instance, Rose Trocadéro has a soothing effect, Tubéreuse Trianon helps your creativity, Sandalwood Sacré induces well-being, Osmanthe Liu Yuan brings about joy, Cuir de Russie enhances your emotional state,  Mousse Arashiyama helps you center.



The candle benefits I describe are from my own experience and I hope you will feel the same.