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Immersion in the secrets of perfume

1. You will be warmly welcomed by multimedia artist Clara Feder and discover the unique history of Le Jardin Retrouvé as well as untold secrets behind the scenes of the perfume world. 

2. In the Laboratory, where a confidential amount of perfume is produced, you will have fun guessing the ingredients that make up a perfume.

3. In the Experience Room, a dreamlike immersive space created by Clara, you will discover 11 fragrances in a multi-sensory way, revealing your deepest olfactory emotions.

4. At the end of the journey, you will have the opportunity to discuss the experience and the fragrances over a drink and a cupcake. To end the tour on a high note, we will give you a €10 voucher if you fall in love with a perfume from our collection.

5. An important clarification: this is not a perfume creation workshop, but a unique moment where perfumery meets art and self-discovery, from which you will leave soothed and refreshed.

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