Discovery Set - 7 Mini Sprays 3ml with 28€ Gift Code

Discovery Set (0.7oz)

Set Découverte - 10 Mini Sprays 3ml + Code Cadeau 40€
Set Découverte - 7 Mini Sprays 3ml avec Code Cadeau 28€
Oriental Sans Souci 3ml
Bois Tabac Virginia 3ml
Jasmin Majorelle 3ml

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Our Nomad Collection of 7 perfumes - 3ml Mini Sprays  in a unique textile pouch, from Arlette Gutsatz's textile collection.


Citron Boboli: "a fresh and spicy fragrance, very unique and modern. LOVE this stuff!" Nir

Cuir de Russie: "evocative storytelling, unusual composition, the allure of something hard to find." Jessica

Eau des Délices: "Uplifting and invigorating cologne" Samantha

Rose Trocadéro: "Stop and smell the roses" Aaron

Sandalwood Sacré:"it is my absolute favorite, very mild, powdery and tender." Nadine

Tubéreuse Trianon : "I want to marry it!" Samantha

Verveine d'Eté: "It's like bottled sunshine." Barry

Discover our garden with our Mini Sprays: you will automatically receive a 28€ gift code to use on your next purchase.

Made in France 

From the manufacture of our concentrates in our Parisian laboratory to the packaging of our perfumes, including our pouches and candles, we have chosen French quality! 

Refillable bottles

Our 15 ml and 50 ml bottles are all designed so that you can refill them over and over again. The porcelain that contains our candles is infinitely reusable. A nice gesture for everyone!


Our perfumes have never been reformulated in order to follow the trends, they were created by Yuri Gutsatz as timeless perfumes away from marketing diktats.


Our fragrances are designed to minimise the risk of allergies and comply with IFRA standards. Scent yourself in complete peace of mind!


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