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Sacred Wood (Sandalwood Sacré)
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Sandalwood Sacré is an aerial and spiritual Eau de Parfum. Milky sandal and patchouli will transport you to the heart of Indian rituals where incense sticks burn precious woods. This fragrance will lead you to meet Yuri Gutsatz, founder of Jardin Retrouvé, who has worked extensively in India to discover the fragrant plants of this country rich in scents.

50ml screen-printed refillable glass bottle of Sandalwood Sacré Eau de Parfum.

All our 50ml bottles are also available without their box - they are shipped in one of our textile pouches - with a 15% discount on our standard boxed offer!

Sandalwood Sacré, created in 1981 by Yuri Gutsatz, was then called Eau de Sandalwood.

Made in France 

From the manufacture of our concentrates in our Parisian laboratory to the packaging of our perfumes, including our pouches and candles, we have chosen French quality! 

Refillable bottles

Our 15 ml and 50 ml bottles are all designed so that you can refill them over and over again. The porcelain that contains our candles is infinitely reusable. A nice gesture for everyone!


Our perfumes have never been reformulated in order to follow the trends, they were created by Yuri Gutsatz as timeless perfumes away from marketing diktats.


Our fragrances are designed to minimise the risk of allergies and comply with IFRA standards. Scent yourself in complete peace of mind!


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Classical Travel

Near Chandod, on the banks of the river Nerboudda, you walk towards a sacred grove that houses a small Hindu temple. You set up your easel, get out your drawing tools, and start sketching. Suddenly, the powdery notes of a perfume hit you. Sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss and musk, and then, like a gift, coriander, petitgrain and orange blossom. Is it the spirit of the place that is speaking to you?

Inspiration: Sacred grove, Chandod, India

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Verified buyer Sandalwood Sacré 50ml
13 Sept. 2020

Love it!

Sandalwood Sacré is a warm, woody scent that lasts around 6-8 hours on me and has a very beautiful lingering fragrance. It's enticing and unique and I just love how it smells. I always get compliments when I wear it.