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Le Nécessaire 125ml (4.25oz)

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Citron Boboli Nécessaire
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Citron Boboli is an energizing Eau de Parfum with energizing notes of citrus and warm spices. An original, comforting and mixed fragrance. It will transport you in the footsteps of Yuri, the founder of our House, when he lived in India and discovered the richness of Indian aromas and plants. Clove, pepper and lemon will make you travel between Asia and Italy.

Le Nécessaire - the ultimate sustainable perfume solution - includes an empty 50ml screen-printed glass bottle, an empty 15ml screen-printed glass bottle, a glass funnel and a 125ml aluminum flask of Citron Boboli Eau de Parfum.

Created in 1977 by Yuri Gutsatz, Citron Boboli was then named Citron Poivré.

Made in France

From the manufacture of our concentrates in our Parisian laboratory to the packaging of our perfumes, including our pouches and candles, we have chosen French quality!

Refillable bottles

Our 15 ml and 50 ml bottles are all designed so that you can refill them over and over again. The porcelain that contains our candles is infinitely reusable. A nice gesture for everyone!


Our perfumes have never been reformulated in order to follow the trends, they were created by Yuri Gutsatz as timeless perfumes away from marketing diktats.


Our fragrances are designed to minimise the risk of allergies and comply with IFRA standards. Scent yourself in complete peace of mind!


Data sheet

125 ml + Kit

After visiting the Palazzo Pitti, you blithely make your way to the heights of the Boboli Gardens. The view of Florence is stunning, but a grotto on your right draws you with its freshness.  Just at the entrance, a statue is decked with beautiful lemons. Are they real? Are they virtual? Why can you smell the fragrance of Italian lemon, petitgrain, bitter orange and galbanum?   And that hint of black pepper and cloves, where does it come from?

Inspiration : Jardin Boboli, Florence, Italy

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Verified buyer Citron Boboli Nécessaire
12 March 2019


Parisian brand @lejardinretrouve send you their perfumes as a kit, which you fill yourself. This means that once you've used up your perfume, you can re-order the metal canister of fragrance by itself and top up your flacons! My new delivery of Citron Boboli, Yuri Gutsatz' spicy lemon creation with clove, cinnamon, pepper and petitgrain. One of the freshest, most beautiful lemon scents you can imagine! #lejardinretrouve #unique #paris #eaudeparfum #lejardinretrouvé #citronboboli #yurigutsatz #madeinfrance #artisan #craft #authentic #familybusiness #fragrance #perfume #refillable #sustainability