We are proud to introduce you to our gorgeous diffuser and its porous porcelain rose stem with amazing spreading power.

Our mission: to help you beautify your home and share deliciously scented moments with those you love, while respecting your health and that of our planet.

5 fragrances are included in our collection.

The Scented Stem Diffuser is  

100% Refillable and Reusable, 100% Recycled and Recyclable Aluminum

and also

100% Clean, 100% Vegan and 92% Natural Ingredients

not to mention...

Reduction of 50% of the Carbon Footprint of our solvent and... 0% electricity consumption!

And finally 100% Made in France and 100% Artisan.

Five fragrances including two created by perfumer Maxence Moutte

The brand's iconic fragrances, Tubéreuse Trianon, Rose Trocadéro and Cuir de Russie, have been revived.

But here too, novelty is in the air, and Jardin Retrouvé founder Yuri Gutsatz is succeeded by perfumer Maxence Moutte.

With two new fragrances to his credit, this collection is the perfect place for lovers of Mousse Arashiyama (a scent inspired by the undergrowth and reminiscent of moss and incense.) and Osmanthe Liu Yuan (a subtle and fruity touch), two fragrances developed by Maxence Moutte for Le Jardin Retrouvé with a very contemporary vigor.

Using the Scented Stem Diffuser is easy

1 - Pour the entire liquid from the aluminum bottle into the porcelain jar

2 - Place the Scented Stem in the jar

3 - Duration of perfuming: about 3 months

4 - You can clean your porcelain Scented Stem by leaving it to soak overnight in household alcohol

5 - To order a refill it's easy, it's down below!

Eco Responsibility Made in France

The pots are made of Limoges porcelain, the lids of Jura beech wood, they are reusable as tea sets.

The Scented Stems are refillable thanks to recycled and recyclable aluminum staples, the porcelain stem does not need to be changed each time (you just have to let it soak in household alcohol to give it back all its freshness).

Our solvent is ecological and concentrated, it is presented in recycled aluminum bottles and they are recyclable.

The boxes have been designed so that the foam is removable and they can be used as a storage box always in this spirit of sustainability. They are manufactured and printed by an FSC and imprim'vert certified company in France. They are assembled in Grasse.

HOW TO CREATE A VIRTUOUS CIRCLE when you are a small Heritage House?

We wanted a diffuser "like no other" that would fit in well with our small heritage perfume house, which has been focused on sustainable development and health protection since its creation in 1975.

The specifications were heavy! It was necessary that

1-the liquid had to protect the planet and our health,

2-the container had to be reusable, including the stem,

3-that it be completely made in France,

4- that the diffusion of our perfumes be superior to what is done on the market,

5- that the aesthetics be singular. 

We had the R&D of our Limoges supplier work on it, and we realized, during our tests, that the Diffusing Stem made of porous porcelain had an even better diffusion than the traditional bamboo sticks. 

Concerning the scented liquid, we found an ecological solvent, which allows us to have a life span of our product 2 times longer than the diffusers having for base ethanol.

The aesthetics had to be there as well, and we opted for a decoration evoking the Gingko leaves, which are beneficial to health and have a very soft shape.

As for the hand-glazed interior, we chose colors related to each fragrance. The stem refers to the Rose and its calming benefits. These elements as well as the lid made of Jura beech are 100% Made in France. All this represents a real technological and aesthetic feat.