After your first order, sponsor your friends and receive TWO rewards !

Question 1: Why Sponsor? Get 15€ per friend sponsored!

    The friend you sponsored registers? You receive a 5€ reward. 

   The friend you sponsored orders? You receive a 10€ voucher for her/his first order if above 10€.

  What about the friend you sponsored? She/he will receive a 10€ voucher to be redeemed on their next order.

Question 2: How can I sponsor?

   Connect to your Customer Account (top right) using your email and password (don't worry, if you have forgotten your password we will send it back to you on request!)

   Click on "Sponsorship Program"

  You can enter up to 5 friends to sponsor giving their name/first name/email. Click then on "Send Invitations"

  You can also use the Sponsorship Link and the Sponsor Code given there (and even share them on your social media): each time someone uses the link and the Sponsor Code when they register you get credited!