Discover our three candles coordinated with the three iconic fragrances of the brand - Cuir de Russie, Tubéreuse Trianon and Rose Trocadéro.

And because Maxence Moutte, the rising young perfumer, is at the heart of our House, let us introduce the fourth candle, Mousse Mystique, his creation inspired by the Arashiyama garden in Kyoto.

Handmade in France

They were cast in Grasse in Limoges fine porcelain, the exterior of which is a white matt “biscuit”, chosen for its decor evoking our Garden.

The interior is delicately enameled by hand, a pastel color corresponding to each fragrance. 

Soft Rose for Rose Trocadéro, Pale Yellow for Tubéreuse Trianon, Light Gray for Cuir de Russie and Water Green for Mousse Mystique.

They are topped with a cover of natural beech wood from the Jura mountains in France.

Reusable porcelain bowls

The four candles were designed for reuse, in keeping with the spirit of the House. 

Once the candles are completely consumed (40 hours later ...), we obtain a small service of delicate bowls, to use according to your desires.