Our Story

Le Jardin Retrouvé is a timeless, independant, family owned Haute Parfumerie House created in 1975 by acclaimed perfumer Yuri Gutsatz, founding father of Perfumer Perfumery. He rejected the constraints of the marketing-driven perfume industry, he was in pursuit of creative freedom and the finest possible ingredients.
41 years later, in 2016, his son and his family boldly reinvented Le Jardin Retrouvé, while keeping Yuri’s delicate formulas, as well as his historical suppliers. Le Jardin Retrouvé is a way of experiencing perfume, both inspired by nature and comforting.

Our Concept

Le Nécessaire features :

  • A 125 ml aluminum bottle of the Eau de Parfum of your choice
  • A funnel
  • An empty 50 ml screen-printed bottle
  • An empty 15 ml screen-printed bottle
  • 125 ml fills almost twice the two bottles

Replenish with La Re:Source 125ml

Our Expertise

Our expertise is Yuri’s expertise, taken from his extensive laboratory experience, his Vice Presidency of the Société Française des Parfumeurs, the creation of the Osmothèque (the conservatory for bygone perfumes) and the extraordinary volume of notes that he left. Not only did Yuri meticulously document the unique formulae and processes of his craft; he was also able to capture the delicate nuances of his fragrances in poetry and prose. The rich archive of information and the values that Yuri passed down enables us to share Le Jardin Retrouvé in the spirit of true connoisseurship - appreciated by those ‘in the know’ and cherished by all.

Our Aging Protocol

We followed Yuri’s steps regarding quality and care in elaborating our fragrances. All of them undergo the same process:  3 weeks of maturation (time during which the ingredients stay mixed in an aluminum bottle), followed by 3 weeks of maceration (time during which the ingredients are put on alcohol). These stages are a guarantee that the ingredients will reach their full potential in a harmonious way. When you buy a Le Nécessaire or a RE:Source, the processing times are written on the aluminum bottle – which is a smaller version of the bigger ones we use in our Lab.

© Brigitte Chevalier-Rivoire

Raw ingredients are the Perfumer’s palette

We only use high quality raw ingredients, and we pick them ourselves without price constraints. Since we do not work with on any Perfume House, we are free to directly buy to small suppliers, whenever that is possible. For instance, our Tuberose, Sandal Wood and Jasmine come from a family of ingredients suppliers who used to work with Yuri well before the creation of Le Jardin Retrouvé.

In The Arts

The Arts are at the heart of Le Jardin Retrouvé’s family and identity, starting with our founder, Yuri Gutsatz, who was a poet as well as a perfumer.
His daughter-in-law, Clara Feder, is an accomplished transmedia artist, who wrote the prose and created the striking visuals that illustrate our fragrances. This evolved into multisensory shows and in-house fragrance tastings. Her last multisensory exhibition in collaboration with Le Jardin Retrouvé was in Shanghai, at Noeli Gallery.
Watch a video about Clara's work.
To find out more about Clara’s work, visit www.feder.me.


We are aware of our impact on the environment, so we chose to alleviate it by giving 1 euro for each Le Nécessaire and Re/Source bought to Planète Urgence, a NGO specialized in reforestation. Similarly, our pouches are all different and they come from the recycled fabric collection of Arlette Gutsatz – Yuri’s wife and co-founder of Le Jardin Retrouvé. Moreover, they are sewn and assembled thanks to an organization that helps handicapped people’s insertion in society.

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