Our Story

A family history: “Avant-Garde” as a legacy

Le Jardin Retrouvé is an independent, timeless, artisanal and family-run Haute Parfumerie House..

In 1975, Yuri Gutsatz, a renowned Master Perfumer, rejecting the constraints of traditional perfumery dominated by marketing, became the first perfumer to found his own House. 

In 2016, Clara and Michel Gutsatz boldly reinvented Le Jardin Retrouvé, while keeping the delicate formulas of Yuri and his historical suppliers.  

A troubling family coincidence

Yuri's father, David Gutsatz, was a chemical engineer in Saint Petersburg and, far from his son in France, worked on many of the synthetic ingredients essential to modern perfumery. Much later, Yuri learned from a friend that father and son - each without knowing what the other was doing - were at the same time bringing their stone to the perfumery they loved so much, one in the synthetic ingredients, the other in building a new vision of the art of perfumery!

A precious legacy: formulas  

Yuri bequeathed us his thousands of laboratory tests, his formulas since 1935, his involvement in the Société Française des Parfumeurs of which he was vice-president, his participation in the creation of the Osmothèque (Fragrance Conservatory)

… and poetry

We also owe him an extraordinary volume of notes, as well as hundreds of poems about Russia and the perfume, all preserved by his wife Arlette. It is thanks to her that we have inherited them and that we can share this treasure with you today.

An exceptional encounter

In 2016, perfumer Maxence Moutte joined the team to recreate Yuri's formulas, staying as close as possible to their composition and original smell. He met Clara and Michel at a wedding, where he expressed his admiration for Yuri's work. Thanks to this encounter, the perfumes were revived and a friendship was born. Maxence made a first creation for Le Jardin Retrouvé: the beautiful “Mousse Mystique” candle.

We are eager to share our know-how with you

Raw materials are the perfumer's palette

The raw materials we use are of high quality, we choose each ingredient ourselves without any price constraint. As we do not depend on any perfume composition company, we try to work directly with the producers. This is the case for the tuberose, sandalwood and jasmine that come to us from India thanks to the family of a producer who worked with Yuri even before the creation of Le Jardin Retrouvé. Photo: Brigitte Chevalier-Rivoire

Yuri's protocol ensures that the fragrance ages harmoniously

Yuri left us special instructions that we strictly follow during the elaboration of our perfumes. Thus, all our perfumes are subjected to 3 weeks of maturation (resting time of the concentrate of the ingredients), followed by 3 weeks of maceration (resting time of the perfume after dilution of the concentrate in alcohol). These steps are essential for the raw materials to express themselves fully and harmoniously.

The maturation time is measured in weeks

The ingredients are weighed according to the Perfumer's formula, and mixed in an aluminum bottle, in which they mature for a certain period of time. This maturation determines the degree of subtlety and balance of a fragrance. The standard Perfumery industry usually allows around a week. Following Yuri's protocol, our maturation time is three weeks to ensure the best finesse.

The maceration also takes its time

Maceration takes place when the concentrate obtained from maturation is mixed with the alcohol to create the perfume as it will later be sold. Perfume industry standards are usually around a few days, but Yuri was convinced that the optimal time was three weeks, so this is the one we chose.

Art at the heart of our identity

Arts are at the heart of the family identity of Le Jardin Retrouvé, starting with our founder, Yuri Gutsatz, who was both a poet and a perfumer.

Clara, Yuri's daughter-in-law, is also an accomplished artist and author (under the name Virginie Michelet). It is thanks to her that each fragrance is embodied by a garden, with its own visual, video, invented story and even a podcast. She also designed our multi-media and multi-sensory olfactory journey in the Experience Store, making the purchase of a perfume an artistic and surprising moment. If you want to follow Clara on Instagram, you are more than welcome to: @clarafeder

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