Our Values

Our Concept

Le Nécessaire features :

- A 125 ml aluminum bottle of the Eau de Parfum of your choice
- A funnel
- An empty 50 ml screen-printed bottle
- An empty 15 ml screen-printed bottle
- 125 ml fills almost twice the two bottles

Replenish with La Re:Source 125ml


We are aware of our impact on the environment, so we chose to alleviate it: All our bottles are reusable, meaning that there is as little waste-and-replace as possible: we hate having to throw away a crimped bottle once it is empty. For instance, our Le Nécessaire set has two refillable bottles that you can unscrew and refill yourself. We even provide a glass funnel so there’s not a drop spilled! 
Similarly, our pouches are all different and they come from the recycled fabric collection of Arlette Gutsatz – Yuri’s wife and co-founder of Le Jardin Retrouvé. Moreover, they are sewn and assembled thanks to an organization that helps handicapped people’s insertion in society.

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