We have been committed since 2016 to minimizing our impact on the environment, and this is just the beginning...

To cherish nature and the world around us is to care for our common heritage.

Refillable Bottles, the first imperative

When Clara and Michel were buying fragrances, they used to hate throwing away the bottles once they were empty. At the time, there was no other solution because they were all "crimped". When they both re-launched the House, they were keen to develop refillable bottles, large and small. But they didn't stop there…


The invention of "Le Nécessaire"

The Necessaire was invented in 2016 by Clara and Michel, a little ahead of their time. Today, we are proud to see that their vision meets everyone's interest.

The Le Nécessaire set contains:

- A 125 ml aluminum bottle of the Eau de Parfum of your choice.
- A funnel for decanting the precious perfume
- An empty 50 ml bottle to use at home
- An empty 15 ml bottle to put in your bag

Little tip: The aluminum bottle fills the two glass bottles almost twice and can be stored in the refrigerator where it will keep for years (absolutely!). Remember to recycle it once it's empty and use La Ressource refill to replace it.

Arlette Gutsatz’s Pouches: a "boxless" offer thanks to a clever up cycling process.

Our co-founder Arlette, Yuri's wife, imported fabrics from India in the 90s and left us hundreds of fabrics and cuttings. Once assembled, they become the pretty pouches that surround the Mini Sprays you order from us. And when you opt for "no box" at the time of purchase, they are the ones that contain your precious bottles.

We wanted the pouches to be socially responsible too, by having them made by a Medical and Social Institution for Protected Work that allows the integration of disabled people. 

A little tip: each pouch is unique because no two sides are the same. (Yes, Arlette left us a lot of fabric!).

How to reuse the bowls of our candles?
It's up to you to show us your ideas!

1. Once the candle is consumed (after 40 hours), put the bowl in the freezer for one hour and turn it over. The wax, frozen, will fall off by itself. That's it!

2. You now have an adorable Limoges porcelain bowl with infinite uses. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. The inside is a different color for each candle, and some of our fans are collecting them.

3. If you have pictures of the porcelain bowls with the amazing things you put inside, we will publish the best ones.

Send them to info@lejardinretrouve.com or tag them on Instagram #ljrcandle.


What's left to do? We have plenty of other ideas in mind to improve our impact and move towards ever more naturalness.
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