Sandalwood Sacré

  • It's not so much a scent as a place, and a protective one at tha
    Beautiful but guarded, wary but inviting. It has the feel of an Arab or Indian attar-based oriental fragrance but without the heaviness. It's wonderfully light and not oil-overpowering, as if the scent were on the breeze rather than on you. Moderate longevity, but worth every moment.
  • Beautiful warm floral
    Soft and old-fashioned in the best way: elegant and sensual. Even makes orange blossom smell nice on me, which is rare with my stubborn chemistry! This house does good work.

YEAR 1786.

Near Chandod, on the banks of the river Nerboudda, you walk towards a sacred grove that houses a small Hindu temple. You set up your easel, get out your drawing tools, and start sketching. Suddenly, the powdery notes of a perfume hit you. Sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss and musk, and then, like a gift, coriander, petitgrain and orange blossom. Is it the spirit of the place that is speaking to you?

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