Cuir de Russie

  • So unique!
    You need this smell in your life. It's like dancing through a field of violets in your moccasins! Vous avez besoin de cette senteur dans votre vie. C'est comme de danser en mocassins sur un champ de violettes !
  • An excellent seductive Eau de Parfum
    The accords of ylang-ylang, violet and cinnemon, combined with the woody base are landing the composition a special bewitching touch. The fragrance has also a good performance from a longevity and projection point of view.
  • Perfect smooth violet-leather blend
    A smooth vintage-style leather, with a lovely, powdery dose of violet. Easily unisex, I would say--though I am very fond of leather of all types, so naturally I would say that!

YEAR 1912.

The opera hall is packed. Diaghilev is presenting his Ballets Russes. Flamboyant Parisians and you are seated in the front row. Wide-eyed, you watch Nijinsky and his soft leather boots. He leaps, he spins, he fills the stage with the bewitching scent of ylang-ylang, violet, and cinnamon enveloping a harmony of cade wood and styrax. You wish that this moment could last forever.

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