Verveine d'Été

  • Very clean and invigorating!
    I venture out into a summer garden to enjoy Verveine d'Été. Here verbena is presented to us with a very green assemblage of herbs that evokes the smell of bunches of freshly cut plants still wet with morning dew. The mix here reminds me of a wonderful verbena soap coupled with classic Eau de Cologne all in one.It embodies qualities that anyone could wear anywhere at any time.
    Aaron P.

YEAR 1878.

You walk in the Summer Garden in the heart of Saint Petersburg. There was a refreshing rainstorm this morning, and you sit on a bench in the French garden designed by Peter the Great. You bend down to pick up a ball dropped by some children. All at once, a perfumed wave of freshness hits you: basil, lemon, bergamot, verbena, and a touch of oak moss. You would so like to take this perfume along with you into the warmer hours of the day ...

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