The symbolism of the Garden is powerful. It is based on the universal desire for a place of protection and abundance.
As "Le Jardin Retrouvé", which means the Rediscovered Garden in English, we are constantly exploring this symbolism.
Since 1975, we have been expressing it through our focus on the Planetary Garden - eco-design and eco-responsibility - and through our Perfumer expertise in the Enchanted Garden, where all of our Made in France scented products and perfumes have been delighting our fans for over 47 years.

We are now launching a line especially dedicated to all those who want to develop their Inner Garden, the Wellbeing Collection

It is all about helping you create a space of your own to protect yourself and to implement Mindfulness in your daily life.
L'Oracle du Jardin, is the first product of this new collection: it is closely linked to our range of five scented candles. Implementing the Morning and Evening Rituals I have created for you will help you focus and resource. 

Clara Feder

Creative Director, Le Jardin Retrouvé