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At London’s famous Victoria and Albert Museum, you’ll find a breath-taking exhibition opening today, 6th April and running until February 2020. Yuri was the creator of one of Mary Quant’s earliest fragrances, PM.  With an AM and a PM perfume, the advert told women to “two time him” with both. Sadly, it’s now discontinued, although a collectors’ item among connoisseurs.
We were just too late to meet the call for exhibits as Le Jardin Retrouvé would have happily recreated PM from the original formula.  We take  a great pride on how Yuri grew his talents as a perfumer until his work reached famous fragrance houses in the USA, France, and even Swinging London! Not bad for the chemist’s son from St Petersburg. 

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In February 2018, the olfactive testament of the Founder of Le Jardin Retrouvé, Yuri Gutsatz, was found in a box long forgotten in a cellar. About 2000 fragrance formulas created throughout the perfumer’s life, from 1935 to 2005. 70 years of creation …
The current perfumer of the Jardin Retrouvé, Maxence Moutte, then reviewed this treasure in order to extract “nuggets” from it. He reconstructed 8 of Yuri’s creations and made them smell by Le Jardin Retrouvé team. They fell in love with 4 fragrances. What to do next? Resurrect them all? Choose one? Or maybe two?
“It will be up to our community to decide!”, said the team. This community, made of bloggers and Fragrance Lovers from all over the world, had been growing for a while, due to the close relationship created between its members and Clara & Michel, the owners and heirs of the Jardin Retrouvé.
A first one in the world of perfumery : a community voting for its favorite fragrance, which would be launched by a Parisian Maison de Parfum.
(Thank you to Marcos Orlando of @FashionDesignHouseGroup for his beautiful photograph of the 4 Mystery Fragrances)

Choosing a fragrance can be tricky … To hesitate for hours, or worse, to make a purchase that we end up hating is not that uncommon. To remedy these unfortunate situations, here are some tips that worked well for members of the Le Jardin Retrouvé team.

1-Even if we loved smelling the perfume of a loved one or a beautiful stranger, it is better to try it on oneself than to make a blind purchase.

2-It is always necessary to try the perfumes on one’s skin, because depending on the PH, a dry skin or oily skin, the rendering will be very different.

3-Take your time! A fragrance is revealed over the hours. It would be a shame to end up with a fragrance whose base notes you can’t stand.

4-If you are in a fragrance shop and you feel that your nose is saturate, it means you are not going to be able to choose. You can simply go take a walk for 5 minutes and come back with a fresh nose and then make an informed choice!
Bertille’s Little Tips

Arlette Gutsatz lived a few years with her husband Yuri and her 3 children in India and fell in love with Indian textiles. Back to France in 1963, she went into importing to her country the beautiful fabrics that she loved. At that time, small cutting-edge fashion brands were emerging, some of them still existing, such as: Dorothée Bis, Chantal Thomass, Renoma, Hémisphère… Arlette began to work for them a long time before Le Jardin Retrouvé even existed. After she passed away in 2012, Clara and Michel, found an entire wall of textile samples in her home. Instead of throwing them away, Clara made a template and Michel gave the samples to sew with this instruction: “Put a different fabric on each side of the pouch”. That is why the pouches are unique!

Beyond Boundaries, May 15th-September 9th 2018, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris

With this fantastic exhibition, teamLab, the collective – composed of artists, programmers, engineers, 3D animators, mathematicians and architects – pushes the boundaries of the exhibition and invites kids and adults to live a unique experience: that of interacting with non-standard digital works.
You will be transported to another dimension, strong, poetic, dreamlike, beyond time and space, in a world close to manga but also to contemporary art, a world that you will have partly created by your mere presence, or thanks to some of your actions. Pure Magic!

Yuri was born in Saint Petersburg in 1914 in a bourgeois and intellectual family of publishers. Between the ages of five and ten, he learned the value of knowledge and languages from his family, and in school, was nurtured in the idealistic precepts of the early years of the Bolshevik Revolution. These experiences gave him a lasting sense of justice, of fraternity, and a love of poetry.
In 1924, Yuri, his mother and his paternal grandparents emigrated to Berlin. His father, David, stayed in the Soviet Union to save his family. Yuri was to be enrolled in the most prestigious school in the city for which his level of knowledge was largely sufficient to be admitted. The day he was invited for an interview, Yuri saw a teacher hit a student. That was something he could not accept, and he decided to flunk the entrance exam out of integrity. He studied in a lesser-known school, but one that was better adapted to his personality and belief in the humane.