How Yuri helped Scent the Sixties with Mary Quant – Le Jardin Retrouvé Blog
At London’s famous Victoria and Albert Museum, you’ll find a breath-taking exhibition opening today, 6th April and running until February 2020. Yuri was the creator of one of Mary Quant’s earliest fragrances, PM.  With an AM and a PM perfume, the advert told women to “two time him” with both. Sadly, it’s now discontinued, although a collectors’ item among connoisseurs.
We were just too late to meet the call for exhibits as Le Jardin Retrouvé would have happily recreated PM from the original formula.  We take  a great pride on how Yuri grew his talents as a perfumer until his work reached famous fragrance houses in the USA, France, and even Swinging London! Not bad for the chemist’s son from St Petersburg. 

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