Choosing a fragrance can be tricky … To hesitate for hours, or worse, to make a purchase that we end up hating is not that uncommon. To remedy these unfortunate situations, here are some tips that worked well for members of the Le Jardin Retrouvé team.

1-Even if we loved smelling the perfume of a loved one or a beautiful stranger, it is better to try it on oneself than to make a blind purchase.

2-It is always necessary to try the perfumes on one’s skin, because depending on the PH, a dry skin or oily skin, the rendering will be very different.

3-Take your time! A fragrance is revealed over the hours. It would be a shame to end up with a fragrance whose base notes you can’t stand.

4-If you are in a fragrance shop and you feel that your nose is saturate, it means you are not going to be able to choose. You can simply go take a walk for 5 minutes and come back with a fresh nose and then make an informed choice!
Bertille’s Little Tips


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